Bob has been custom woodworking for over 35 years. He finished a very large project 10 years ago which took him over a year to do. He was contracted to do all the woodwork in the entry area (including the elevators) of the old Union Building at 6301 Rockhill Road in Kansas City, Missouri.

Other projects finished:

  • Office for President of area mortgage company
  • Meeting room for area appraiser’s office
  • Home office in Mission Hills, Kansas home

On-going Projects:

  • Lenten/Advent 3D sets made out of church pews. We sold these to purchase the lower octave bells at Southminster Presbyterian Church. In one year we were able to purchase the full lower octave of bells (C3-B3) and 3 cases with the proceeds.
    • Advent Puzzle sets.
    • Pew crosses: Crosses made out of discarded pew wood.
    • Wooden stoppers for wine bottles shaped like bells.
    • Pens (a must for any woodturner) with added bells to the tops
    • Conductor batons